Anna Mwalagho


Anna Mwalagho is more than a triple-threat performer. She is a true remarkable renaissance woman, an internationally recognized actress, comedian, poet/spoken word artist, African dancer, singer/songwriter and storyteller.

She has won numerous national awards in her native country Kenya, and here in the U.S.A, where she is recognized as the Queen of spoken Afro beat and also "Mama Africa". She has captivated many with her blend of spoken word, African dance, music, comedy, acting, and storytelling into an electrifying one woman show. Her theatrical poetry inspires, evokes thought and entertains as well as educates all ages and races.

Her music has a unique message from the soul of the motherland. It tells the story of life rough but fulfilling journeys. Since the launch of her career in the United States, Anna has become one of the most sought after African Spoken Word/Poetic Afro beat artist.

With her band "Afrofloetry band" which she formed she has shared the stage with the international South African Jazz legend HUGH MASEKELA in Washington DC where she and her band were the featured opening act. She also had the chance to collaborate with another African musical legend OLIVER MTUKUDZI, as they performed her famous poem (Flavored World) during his US tour.

In 2009 her band was chosen to represent Kenya during the inaugural events of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, where she performed at the National Museum of African arts for thousands of audience from different parts of the world. She has also been featured in the famous theatrical play Vagina Monologues and other film/documentary projects

Not only has she entertained dignitaries such as NOBEL PRIZE winner Nobel Laureate Mrs. Wangari Maathai, Dr. Henry Louise Gates, Actor Forest Whitaker, Lynn Whitfield and Louis Gosset Jr among others but she has also graced the stages of high profile venues including:

The Library of Congress, DC

The Kennedy Center, DC

he Manhattan Center, NY

The World Bank, DC

UNAIDS International Conference

Capitol Hill U.S House of Representatives (Cannon Building), DC

The Washington Convention Center, DC

Smithsonian Museum of African Art, DC

State Department, DC

She has been featured on MHZ-TV, WHUR 96.3 FM, WETA 90.9FM, Voice of America, CBS TV/WUSA9 TV, XM Satellite Radio, Harold Channer TV and many more.
She has also performed in the following places to name a few:

Casablanca Morocco, For Princess of Morocco

Susan G Komen 10th Annual Conference

Smithsonian Museum of Native American, DC

The Boeing Company, VA

VirginiUniversity, Washington, DC

Bennett College for Women, Greensboro, NC

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

St Scholastica, Duluth, MN

Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA

Howard University, DC

George Washington University, DC

World Festival of Wheaton, MD

Bowie International Festival, MD

The National Geographic, DC

Isaiah Washington Foundation Blackboard Inc, DC

Nigerian Embassy, DC

kenya Embassy

Greater Mt Nebo Church, MD Tubman

Bethel Church of God,MD

Jesus House Church, MD

Harriet Tubman Elementary

Maya Angelou charter schools, High School, DC

Anna Mwalagho is not only a performing artist but also a social activist and a philanthropist. She supports a children center in Kenya called (Upendo Rehabilitation Center) for children in a impoverished community where the center educates and feed the children who range from kindergarten level to middle school on a day to day basis. The center is in the East said of Nairobi (the capital city of Kenya) in the Huruma slums (Mercy slums) of Kenya. She does this through offering a percentage of her merchandise earning to the center to support the center in their basic needs.

Anna Mwalagho earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Catholic University of Eastern Africa. With her company Mwalagho Productions, Anna takes her one woman show and band to scholastic institutions, organizations, civic groups, companies, festivals and specials events, with an aim of educating, entertaining and uniting humanity.

She was appointed Ambassador for peace by the Inter-Religious and International Federation for Peace, She received an award for her work as a Kenyan in the Diaspora, by the Jamhuriwood Awards,received the "Hope Award" from the Eagle Awards Association for her performing artist service to the community, and promoting positive awareness about Africa, nominated for the Spirit of Diaspora Extravaganza-Next Generation Award and received The Justice and peace poet award by the African Legends Nite award ceremony for her invoking and inspiring poetry. In 2013 she was honored by the Montgomery county of Maryland and received -The Cultural Empowerment Award.

In 2006, she celebrated the successful launch of her debut CD UKWELI meaning-The Truth in her native language Kiswahili, and in 2011 she celebrated the release of her second album HAKI meaning-justice in her native language Kiswahili. These two CDs attest to her beliefs of justice, human rights, equality, children rights, poverty eradication and PanAfricanism.

To view excerpts of Anna and her work visit, Her philosophy is: Dance. Sing, laugh and truly love, as this is the joy of life.